Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Rethinking things a little

There's no doubt about it. Ashenvale was fun! Was it where I think I should be for what a know? Heh, hardly. Never did I imagine looking through the shadows as though I'm missing something so near and dear to me. Oh, yeah, that's what it was that I lost, my body!

Tauren are a very spiritual people, being a spirit only brings me closer to my ancestors. If only I could have learned the thing they call camping a body before my fourth visit to the spirit realm. Men, who needs them! How worthless is that to display dominance again and again? If his intent was to aggrivate someone on this eve, he better than exceeded his goal, I will bring the wrath of my ancestors along with me!

After I finally spawn behind a tree and run like a Zherva Charger who's had his fill of Earthroot, I run into a Tauren Druid who is just as old as I am. I don't think I knew him, growing up in Mulgore, but that's expected as we were from different schools. Hrogthar is a great party member. Neither of us knew where we were going, and we did a great job of working together to get the heck out of there. We found ourselves bound for The Stonetalon Mountains. This is where I belong! Those stupid monkey-men keep their distance away from Stonetalon, plus I'm equally matched with the other foes of the land. We owned everything. Hrog and me? Yeah, we're gonna be good friends someday, we party together very well.

I think I'm going to stay in Stonetalon for a while, I'll let you know what I find there. This is gonna be great!


Monday, June 12, 2006


Why the 20s suck

Maybe that's not a great title, but I don't really know where I fit
in. Some things are great, like hanging out with my friends in the
relative safety of The Crossroads in The Barrens, chewin the cud, making
jokes and going out on training missions. These are all good and fun
things until "they" show up. You know who I'm talking about. Those
pompous, self-promoting, holier-than-thou, righteous-right, The
Alliance. They show up and start attacking our guards, trying to
provoke us into the first retaliation strike.

The Supreme Rules state that we are safe in The Barrens until first
strike. At that point, the bracers have fallen and its all fair. My
friends and I defend our village and attempt to conquer the tailless
monkey, only to find that we are out matched (all eight of us). We call
for the elders who come to clean up, and they do so in impressive
style. Oh, how I long for the day that I gain the wisdom and power that
comes with age. As of now, I'm in my early twenties. I'm not sure
where I belong in all of this. I am nearly incapable of defending my
home, yet I don't feel the training missions I've accepted are adding
greatly to my relative experience. There's only so many Plainstriders
and Zherva you can slay before it becomes way too easy and hardly worth
the time. If it weren't for strider meat for Giggles (my hyena), I'd
almost swear off shooting another one as long as I live, but you know, a
guy and his pet have to eat sometime.

Yes, I'm safe if I choose to let the members of cruelty into our
village to attack the guards as they see fit, but that is not how we
live. We must not fear the monkies. This is our home and our stand of
honor. We can not let it become infested with the disease The Earth
calls "man". Defend and protect, we will fight to the death (as we
often do).

Recently, I've chosen to explore beyond the safe boundaries where
the Supreme Rules are shaky if upheld at all. The forests of Ashenvale
and The Stonetalon Mountains have become of great interest to me. I
have a great affinity for Ashenvale as it reminds me of Mulgore, my
home. I do miss the abundance of life from Mulgore. Fauna and flora as
far as the eye can see. The earth spirit is deep in Mulgore. After
being in The Barrens for almost the last 10 years, I've come to realize
how much I miss the lush green of life. The Barrens signifies only
death and waste. I'm running out of training opportunities here and I
feel that if I am to improve my skills and grow to become wiser I must
move on.

Over the next two years or so, I will work on finishing up my
missions in The Barrens. I've accepted them and what's a Tauren without
his word? But no more. Requests of vengeance or assistance will no
longer be accepted from other inhabitants of The Barrens. I do not wish
to be rude, but I feel as though there's more out there that I want to,
no, need to explore.

I will find my place one day. I know that I will become one of the
most skilled and highly feared man-slayers of my time, but I'm unable to
wait. I want it so bad... to become powerful and wise. I know I'm
ready, but the elders will not train me until they feel its time. Hmmph,
is everything working against me?


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Welcome - First post

Welcome to my blog. I am a Tauren Hunter in the realm of Stormscale. This is the place to keep up to date on the latest happenings in my life. I'll let you in so I can share my stories with you and you can watch me grow and be a better monster.

Heh, monster. That's what they want to call me. I just want to be with the earth and show it that I care. Monster. I know the earth and her spirits. I walk the same path as nature itself and I care most about the earth and its safety. Monster.

When I grow up, I'll show them who the monster is. With their mechanized and chemicalized world, it is The Alliance who are the monsters! They consume our resources in the name of fuel. They kill our animals in the name of sport. Monsters! We who try to protect, the proud Tauren of Azeroth are not the monsters. We are brave, strong, and unforgiving.

I am not yet old enough to go out and show them yet. They come into the villages and before I know it, my defences are not up to their quality of attack. Beware, I am growing. I'm growing daily and one day, all Alliance will fear my name. My presence will mean certain death! I've been a hunter since as long as I can remember, I know how to stalk. I've made many animal friends who love the earth as I do and would kill and die to protect it. Beware creatures of the Alliance, we are coming!

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