Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Rethinking things a little

There's no doubt about it. Ashenvale was fun! Was it where I think I should be for what a know? Heh, hardly. Never did I imagine looking through the shadows as though I'm missing something so near and dear to me. Oh, yeah, that's what it was that I lost, my body!

Tauren are a very spiritual people, being a spirit only brings me closer to my ancestors. If only I could have learned the thing they call camping a body before my fourth visit to the spirit realm. Men, who needs them! How worthless is that to display dominance again and again? If his intent was to aggrivate someone on this eve, he better than exceeded his goal, I will bring the wrath of my ancestors along with me!

After I finally spawn behind a tree and run like a Zherva Charger who's had his fill of Earthroot, I run into a Tauren Druid who is just as old as I am. I don't think I knew him, growing up in Mulgore, but that's expected as we were from different schools. Hrogthar is a great party member. Neither of us knew where we were going, and we did a great job of working together to get the heck out of there. We found ourselves bound for The Stonetalon Mountains. This is where I belong! Those stupid monkey-men keep their distance away from Stonetalon, plus I'm equally matched with the other foes of the land. We owned everything. Hrog and me? Yeah, we're gonna be good friends someday, we party together very well.

I think I'm going to stay in Stonetalon for a while, I'll let you know what I find there. This is gonna be great!


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