Sunday, June 11, 2006


Welcome - First post

Welcome to my blog. I am a Tauren Hunter in the realm of Stormscale. This is the place to keep up to date on the latest happenings in my life. I'll let you in so I can share my stories with you and you can watch me grow and be a better monster.

Heh, monster. That's what they want to call me. I just want to be with the earth and show it that I care. Monster. I know the earth and her spirits. I walk the same path as nature itself and I care most about the earth and its safety. Monster.

When I grow up, I'll show them who the monster is. With their mechanized and chemicalized world, it is The Alliance who are the monsters! They consume our resources in the name of fuel. They kill our animals in the name of sport. Monsters! We who try to protect, the proud Tauren of Azeroth are not the monsters. We are brave, strong, and unforgiving.

I am not yet old enough to go out and show them yet. They come into the villages and before I know it, my defences are not up to their quality of attack. Beware, I am growing. I'm growing daily and one day, all Alliance will fear my name. My presence will mean certain death! I've been a hunter since as long as I can remember, I know how to stalk. I've made many animal friends who love the earth as I do and would kill and die to protect it. Beware creatures of the Alliance, we are coming!

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